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InvaTrans GmbH is an ISO accredited translation agency (ISO 9001:2008) with currently more than 750 specialist translators. It specialises in professional translations in almost every language and subject area.
As a rule, all translations are checked and revised by a second, independent specialist translator (four-eyes quality principle). Our internal quality management always takes care that our high quality is maintained.

Our promise: Specialist translations competent – precise – fast and at favourable prices!

Text editing

Text editing

Our language specialists correct and edit your texts in all languages. The focus is not only on correct orthography and grammar, but on request also on style: your text can be completely rewritten. We have the language specialists - from copywriter to marketing specialists.

Our promise:  Our language specialists spice up your texts!

Text revision

Text revision

From OLD to NEW!

If the source text of an already completed translation has changed, it does not need to be translated again. Our translator revise your already existing translation and adapt it to the new source text. Finally, the previous translation perfectly corresponds to the new source text.



Our certified and sworn specialist translators translate your document so that the translation is officially recognised by national and international authorities.

We organise everything: From the certification of the translation to the apostille by the Cantonal Chancellery!

Our promise: Our translations are officially recognised! 

«We are a translation agency
      with more than 750 translators
Teammitglied von InvaTrans GmbH
«Specialist translations competent -
       precise - fast and at a
    favourable price»
InvaTrans GmbH Team
«Urgent orders in just a few hours -
          no problem!»
InvaTrans GmbH Team
«Our certified translations
          are officially recognized
     by authorities and courts!»
InvaTrans GmbH Team
«Our in-house graphics departement
       integrates the translation directly
    into your layout (InDesign, etc.).»
InvaTrans GmbH Team
«Your website translated
       directly in the CMS!»
InvaTrans GmbH Team
     «Worldwide - make global communication
                 happen for everyone,
           this is our mission!»
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24-hour telephone service
+41 71 230 10 20


InvaTrans GmbH
Burgstrasse 57
CH-9000 St.Gallen

Telephone +41 71 230 10 20
fax +41 71 230 10 19

General Terms and Conditions of InvaTrans GmbH

Version: August 2016

§ 1 Scope of the General Terms and Conditions
§ 2 Conclusion of the Contract

§ 3 Calculation basis
§ 4 Scope of performance
§ 5 Warranty and subsequent rework
§ 6 Transcription of  other, non-Latin languages into the Latin alphabet
§ 7 Liability / Limitation of liability
§ 8 Confidentiality obligation

§ 9 Cancellation of the order / Delivery stop
§ 10 Redemption of coupons
§ 11 Intellectual property

§ 12 Archiving of documents
§ 13 No-enticement provision

§ 14 Place of performance and place of jurisdiction
§ 15 Final provisions


§ 1 Scope of the General Terms and Conditions

  1. InvaTrans operates as a direct specialist translation service and has a worldwide network of specialist translators. The translations are made by specialist translators who work on a freelance basis. The contractual relationship exclusively exists with InvaTrans. There is no direct contractual relationship with the translator.
  2. These General Terms and Conditions are valid for all services of InvaTrans. By placing an order the customer accepts these General Terms and Conditions.
  3. InvaTrans is entitled at any time to change or complement these General Terms and Conditions.
  4. Any deviations from these General Terms and Conditions, side agreements, assurances and other agreements as well as changes and complements of the contract are only legally effective if they are made in writing and confirmed by InvaTrans.

§ 2 Conclusion of the Contract

  1. Due to the information provided by the customer, InvaTrans makes a non-binding offer. The General Terms and Conditions are only deemed as accepted when the customer sends the order confirmation in writing (e-mail or fax) and the order is forwarded to be processed.
  2. Basically, the contractual delivery time starts when the contract is concluded. The indicated delivery time, however, always refers to workdays. If orders are placed outside the office hours (Monday to Friday, 8:00 h to 18:00 h) InvaTrans shall be entitled to extend the delivery time correspondingly. If there is an unexpected delay or more time is needed for completing the order, respectively, the customer will be informed about the new possible delivery time via his online order confirmation.


§ 3 Calculation basis

  1. The calculation of the text volume and the related price calculation are made electronically. If it turns out afterwards that the automatic calculation of the text volume to be translated could not be made exactly due to technical reasons (e.g. the text to be translated contains text fields which are not recognised as text to be translated by the respective software or a format is used which cannot be counted correctly online in all cases such as pdf or .xls format), InvaTrans shall be entitled to adapt the price of the translation to the actual volume of text.
  2. The prices for translations are normally based on a rate per word or standard line. A standard line consists of 55 charakters including spaces. The decisive factor for the calculation of the text volume is the source text. Further services such as proofreading, editing, linguistic adaption, revision, etc. are charged on an hourly rate.
  3. As far as graphic formats are concerned (InDesign FrameMaker, etc.), only the visible text is counted as text volume. The customer has to indicate texts on hidden or undisclosed levels, etc. which are not visible at first glance when the order is placed – otherwise those texts will not be considered.


§ 4 Scope of performance

  1. InvaTrans is obliged to perform its service in such a manner that the text to be translated ordered by the customer will not be changed with respect to content and not be cut or complemented. It shall be translated into the requested language in an appropriate and professional way. InvaTrans ensures that according to the generally valid quality standards of the translation industry the source text will be translated literally or with implied meaning, respectively, as well as in an adequate way with respect to the corresponding mentality.
  2. Individual special terminology (corporate wording) used and stored by the customer will be considered when the translation is made if it is fully provided by the customer when the order is placed. Otherwise, subject-specific terms according to the common quality standards or as commonly used, respectively, are used for the translation.
  3. If the customer places the order and sends document types which can be directly processed by the translator such as Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT), he will get them back completely formatted in the same document type. Graphics, blocked text elements, etc. in the document are excluded from this regulation. However, if the text is transferred in a format which cannot be processed directly such as PDF, images, texts sent by mail in paper form, websites (HTML, etc.), the translated text will be sent back roughly formatted as Word file. Direct processing of graphic files such as InDesign, FrameMaker, etc. can, however, be agreed upon in advance. In this case the translated and completely formatted text will then be integrated into the layout by a graphic designer. Please note that this service requires an extra charge.
  4. If the document to be translated contains images with text or captions which the customer wants to be translated, this must be explicitly agreed upon when the order is placed. Otherwise, the order includes only the translation of the normal text in a document. The price calculator on the homepage of InvaTrans calculates only texts. Images which contain texts to be translated must be calculated subsequently.

§ 5 Warranty and subsequent rework

  1. InvaTrans guarantees to render its services in such a way that they have the characteristics as promised and are not faulty so that they might not lose or diminish their value or suitability with respect to their usual or presumed contractual use.
  2. The customer shall inform InvaTrans or send its complaint, respectively, about possible faults immediately or within one week after delivery of the service at the latest in writing indicating the faults. The complaint shall include clear comments regarding the wrong passages or terms and should be based on convincing examples. The translation is deemed as delivered in conformity with the contract if no complaint has been made.
  3. If the complaint is deemed to be justified, the customer will grant InvaTrans an appropriate time to rework the translation free of charge. However, there is no right to insist on reworking if the deviations were caused by faulty or incomplete information or source texts which were changed after the placement of the order.

§ 6 Transcription of  other, non-Latin languages into the Latin alphabet

  1. As there are more than one spellings for proper names in the Latin alphabet when other non-Latin languages are transcribed (e.g. Cyrillic, Asian, Greek, etc.) such as Meier, Mayer, Maier, etc., the customer shall notify the project manager about the correct spelling or send him a copy of the passport/ID card whenever proper names occur in the text.

§ 7 Liability / Limitation of liability

  1. InvaTrans shall be liable for damage which occurred evidently through faulty execution of the order directly by InvaTrans up to the amount of the order value or up to the maximum amount of the liability insurance.
  2. Claims for damages towards InvaTrans arising from the contract, fault upon conclusion of the contract, positive breach of contract as well as delay are excluded unless there is wilful intent or gross negligence. Liability for auxiliaries is excluded in any case.
  3. Performance failure or performance delays due to unexpected problems/events, additional efforts or force majeure, accident/illness of the translator as well as failure of communication networks (networks, internet provider, e-mail server, telephone, etc.) or late service of mail (national and international) are excluded from the liability of InvaTrans.

§ 8 Confidentiality obligation

  1. All orders as well as business secrets which have become known are kept confidential by InvaTrans and all possible third-parties that are entrusted with the execution of orders by InvaTrans. This confidentiality obligation also exists beyond the duration of the cooperation.

§ 9 Cancellation of the order / Delivery stop

  1. All orders placed with InvaTrans (translation, proofreading, editing, etc.) can be cancelled at any time by the customer. The customer shall bear the cost arisen up to the point of time the order is cancelled, however at least 50% of the order value.
  2. InvaTrans reserves the right to retain an order if a customer has not settled one or more outstanding invoice(s) despite several reminders. However, the customer shall be notified in time so that he has the opportunity to settle the outstanding debt so that the actual time of delivery can be kept.


§ 10 Redemption of coupons

  1. Coupons can be redeemed any time a new order is placed. The corresponding number of the coupon shall be indicated.
  2. Due to our system the number of the coupon must always be indicated before the order is placed.  The number of the coupon cannot be considered if the order is already processed or completed.
  3. Coupons cannot be accumulated, i.e. only one coupon per order can be redeemed.
  4. The number of the coupon is designated for one certain company and cannot be transferred.
  5. As a rule, coupons are valid for one year after the date of issue – unless the coupons were distributed in a marketing campaign with a limited period of time (in this case the date the coupon expires is printed on the coupon).

§ 11 Intellectual property

  1. As a matter of law, all translations shall remain the property of InvaTrans until full payment of the order has been made. The transfer of property is effected as soon as the invoice has been fully settled.

§ 12 Archiving of documents

  1. Documents provided by the customer as help (reference material) for the translation shall be returned immediately and without request after completion or cancellation of the order. The texts received in the scope of the order  (source texts) as well as the completed translation are stored by InvaTrans in electronic form for archiving purposes. The deletion of these data shall only be made upon explicit request of the customer.

§ 13 No-enticement provision

  1. The customer shall be obliged not to recruit translators or service providers working for InvaTrans (this also applies for external translators). This provision is valid for the duration of the cooperation and for up to 12 months after termination of the cooperation. In the event of an infringement of this provision, the customer shall pay a contractual penalty of CHF 20,000.00.

§ 14 Place of performance and place of jurisdiction

  1. Place of performance and place of jurisdiction is St.Gallen/Switzerland.

§ 15 Final provisions

  1. Ineffective or void provisions shall be replaced by corresponding legal provisions and shall not affect the effectiveness of all other provisions.  The same applies in case of omission of a provision.

Special conditions

Key accounts have benefits!
25-35% more favourable prices
for regular orders.

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The translation agency that also collects large amounts of data to be translated.

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Fast and reliable order processing. (Carsten Quesel)

My enquiry for an offer was quickly answered and thanks to the informative internet presence of InvaTrans no questions remained unanswered. I am very satisfied with the translation of InvaTrans and the price-performance ratio is also good.

Lydia M. (9016 St.Gallen, Lydia Mert)

RWD Schlatter AG
InvaTrans GmbH has translated numerous documents for RWD Schlatter AG relating to different technical fields into Italian (Tessin) and French (West Switzerland) in the past. Among them were many subject-specific texts of RWD, many of them with technological content containing many...
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User-friendly website, quick and competent! (Subaru Schweiz AG - Michaël Klaey)

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I was positively surprised how prompt my order was executed. I was informed about the status of the translation work at any time. The quality of the results convinced me. For me, InvaTrans is a reliable partner when I need a professional translation of a text. Keep it up! I will...
Logo Campus Sursee
Repeatedly, we have had our technical texts translated by InvaTrans GmbH in St. Gallen. We have always been astonished about the promptness and professionality of their employees. Already ten minutes after our enquiry, we received feedback and the result was always perfect. You can...
Logo Mall AG Bassersdorf
We have found our partner for translations! InvaTrans GmbH offers top service, impeccable quality and reliability at fair prices. Even when things are extremely urgent, you are not left alone. Within a very short period of time, an interpreter was organised. Many thanks for the...
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We had a bit of an unusual order as we did not need a translation, but had only a linguistic adaption of one of our newly designed product brand reviewed by InvaTrans. The order was executed without any problems and in an extremely quick manner. (Swisslos, Marco Bacchetta)

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Rapid and very satisfying offer, emails are friendly and courteously formulated, orders have been faster processed than instructed, the communication was generally friendly and convinced us so that we will cooperate with this company in future. (Valérie Caminada).

Logo A3 Communications GmbH
As agency for Marketing and Live Communication, we frequently have translations starting from short text segments to entire campaigns in many languages. Quite often, these texts are for medical specialists and final customers. We already know different translation agencies and...
I am very pleased with your translation services. You hit my deadline (which I appreciate was very short!) and we have been advised by our Swiss colleagues that the quality of the translation was very high. So, well done and we will be using you again! (Camelot Group, David...
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Many thanks for the top translation. We have received everything. We can ensure you that we will contact your translation agency again. Please pass on our thanks to your employees. (Bernhard Althaus / OBT AG St. Gallen)

The cooperation with InvaTrans is a very professional and pleasant one. InvaTrans is second to none when it comes to flexibility. This was shown impressively when we had an express order about 200 pages on Friday evening, which had to be translated over the weekend. InvaTrans GmbH...
InvaTrans has already translated many documents for us and we have already been very satisfied. In particular, we appreciate the team’s flexibility because it happens quite often that we need the translated documents quickly. Altogether, we confirm that InvaTrans offers a top...
Again and again, we have very technical and complex specialised texts translated by InvaTrans GmbH. We were astonished about the good quality of the translations. In particular, we have been impressed by the fact that the translators really think about the translation and informed us...
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You guys rock!

Unbelievable. After just 30 minutes from registration to the result. I will really post your website in our company! (Andreas Gunzenhauser / head of production)

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Excellent translation services, very efficient from the first contact to the delivery.  In the order portal, I can view the progress of my order any time. The services are in terms of prices attractive and the translations are of very good quality. I can just recommend InvaTrans...
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We regard the cooperation with InvaTrans GmbH as very pleasant, rapid and professional. All certified translations are legally approved abroad without any complaints.(lic. iur. Jacqueline Wilson, Leiterin Justizvollzug)


Very efficient and extremely timely delivery. (Jean-Pierre Schnyder)


We attach great importance to qualitatively high technical translations. All texts have been translated impeccably – absolute top price-performance ratio. (Dr. Roberto Galli)

Logo Ugra
We have worked with the translation agency InvaTrans in St. Gallen for more than one year. Our orders, starting from the offer to the delivery of the data of the translated documents, have always been delivered quickly and in time. For us, promptness is an important requirement....
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We have used your translation services for the translation of information sheets of the Technische Kommission (technical committee) PAVIDENSA as well as for reports of the trade journal PAVIDENSA. Both publications contain technologically sophisticated contents. After having...
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Friendly contact, quick and proper execution of the orders, also of express orders. InvaTrans is flexible, reliable and customer-oriented und the price-performance-ratio is absolutely attractive.(Julia Spielmann)

Logo SME-Ventus
The service of InvaTrans has convinced us and, therefore, we want to list your company as official service provider in our company’s presentation. Besides, we have published you as service provider on our website ( (SME-Ventus GmbH,...
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The communication is very pleasant and the employees are very helpful. (Sandra Tovar, Griesser AG)

Logo Gemeinde Visp

All details could be discussed via email communication in a minimum of time. I was completely satisfied with the service. (Andreas Oester)

As managing director of the worldwide largest competence institution INTERCOOR, I place my orders only with selected top companies that can guarantee our requirements to quality and competence at top-level. InvaTrans has executed all our orders in an absolutely professional way,...
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