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What our customers say

The price alone is not an indicator for the quality of the translation work. By introducing the satisfaction guarantee we achieve 97.7% customer satisfaction – that's unique in this industry! Just look what our customers write about our service. More statements of our customers are on the independent platform Google+

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Metrohm AG, Herisau

Excellent translation services, very efficient from the first contact to the delivery.  In the order portal, I can view the progress of my order any time. The services are in terms of prices attractive and the translations are of very good quality. I can just recommend InvaTrans GmbH and its competent crew. (Francisco Nebril, Metrohm AG, 9100 Herisau)

UGRA – Competence Centre for Media and Print Technology.

We have worked with the translation agency InvaTrans in St. Gallen for more than one year. Our orders, starting from the offer to the delivery of the data of the translated documents, have always been delivered quickly and in time. For us, promptness is an important requirement. Besides, it is positive that the employees of InvaTrans ask pro-active questions which helps to avoid possible misunderstandings regarding the order process. Our expectations have always been fully met. We assess the price-performance ratio as very good. We are convinced by you and will recommend you!(UGRA St.Gallen, Mathias Schunke)

Kompetenzinstitution INTERCOOR

As managing director of the worldwide largest competence institution INTERCOOR, I place my orders only with selected top companies that can guarantee our requirements to quality and competence at top-level. InvaTrans has executed all our orders in an absolutely professional way, exactly as instructed, in a short time and to our fullest satisfaction. This is why we will also place our numerous orders with this company in future. A top company with the highest recommendation factor! Many thanks! (INTERCOOR ZÜRICH - International Competence Organisation.)


Many thanks for the top translation. We have received everything. We can ensure you that we will contact your translation agency again. Please pass on our thanks to your employees. (Bernhard Althaus / OBT AG St. Gallen)

Subaru Schweiz AG

User-friendly website, quick and competent! (Subaru Schweiz AG - Michaël Klaey)

Griesser AG

The communication is very pleasant and the employees are very helpful. (Sandra Tovar, Griesser AG)


We had a bit of an unusual order as we did not need a translation, but had only a linguistic adaption of one of our newly designed product brand reviewed by InvaTrans. The order was executed without any problems and in an extremely quick manner. (Swisslos, Marco Bacchetta)

Inselspital, Universitätsspital Bern...

Very efficient and extremely timely delivery. (Jean-Pierre Schnyder)

Barholet Maschinenbau AG

Friendly contact, quick and proper execution of the orders, also of express orders. InvaTrans is flexible, reliable and customer-oriented und the price-performance-ratio is absolutely attractive.(Julia Spielmann)

Gemeinde Visp

All details could be discussed via email communication in a minimum of time. I was completely satisfied with the service. (Andreas Oester)

Pädagogische Hochschule FHNW

Fast and reliable order processing. (Carsten Quesel)

Canton of Schaffhausen – Office for Justice and Communities

Certified translations approved by authorities/courts abroad on a regular basis.

We regard the cooperation with InvaTrans GmbH as very pleasant, rapid and professional. All certified translations are legally approved abroad without any complaints.(lic. iur. Jacqueline Wilson, Leiterin Justizvollzug)

University of Basle

I was positively surprised how prompt my order was executed. I was informed about the status of the translation work at any time. The quality of the results convinced me. For me, InvaTrans is a reliable partner when I need a professional translation of a text. Keep it up! I will gladly recommend you. (University of Basle/ Ursula Schwander)


InvaTrans has already translated many documents for us and we have already been very satisfied. In particular, we appreciate the team's flexibility because it happens quite often that we need the translated documents quickly. Altogether, we confirm that InvaTrans offers a top service, high professionality and we will recommend this company.


Again and again, we have very technical and complex specialised texts translated by InvaTrans GmbH. We were astonished about the good quality of the translations. In particular, we have been impressed by the fact that the translators really think about the translation and informed us on mistakes in our source text – which could have had serious consequences. It can be said that the translators are not non-professionals and really have a good know-how in their specialised field.

(K. Berger, 30.11.2014)

BASF Schweiz AG

We attach great importance to qualitatively high technical translations. All texts have been translated impeccably – absolute top price-performance ratio. (Dr. Roberto Galli)

RWD Schlatter AG

InvaTrans GmbH has translated numerous documents for RWD Schlatter AG relating to different technical fields into Italian (Tessin) and French (West Switzerland) in the past. Among them were many subject-specific texts of RWD, many of them with technological content containing many technical terms that required a special technical know-how from the translator. InvaTrans GmbH has always translated the documents in time und to our fullest satisfaction. In case of unclear formulations, we have always immediately received feedback and when we made enquiries, we have always been advised friendly and competently. The uncomplicated and rapid processing of our orders was, among others, one reason why InvaTrans GmbH has frequently been appointed as translation company. A further bonus was the unique price-performance ratio. (RWD Schlatter AG, Sabrina Ganz)


We have used your translation services for the translation of information sheets of the Technische Kommission (technical committee) PAVIDENSA as well as for reports of the trade journal PAVIDENSA. Both publications contain technologically sophisticated contents.

After having received feedback from the trade journal's editorial office as well as from the committee of experts in the Romandy, we can express our fullest satisfaction. Everything in the information sheets was translated correctly, understandable and flawlessly. According to the statements of our Swiss French-speaking members of the board, the reports for the trade journal were stylistically confident and did not have to be corrected by our editorial office. (Stef Kormann)



The cooperation with InvaTrans is a very professional and pleasant one. InvaTrans is second to none when it comes to flexibility. This was shown impressively when we had an express order about 200 pages on Friday evening, which had to be translated over the weekend. InvaTrans GmbH was able to translate everything in time and in absolutely top quality – considering that the pharmaceutical texts were very difficult. (Monika Sauter)

A3 Live Communications GmbH

As agency for Marketing and Live Communication, we frequently have translations starting from short text segments to entire campaigns in many languages. Quite often, these texts are for medical specialists and final customers. We already know different translation agencies and realised some months ago that the service of InvaTrans is attractive in terms of price compared to other translation agencies. We are always surprised about the translators' quality and competence. They execute the orders efficiently and fast. Adaptions and unclear formulations are processed rapidly by InvaTrans. As our customers are very satisfied with the texts of InvaTrans, we do not have any reason to look for another translation agency. (Patricia Imbach)

Swisspartner Wealth Management AG...

Subject-specific translation for asset, tax and inheritance planning

Rapid and very satisfying offer, emails are friendly and courteously formulated, orders have been faster processed than instructed, the communication was generally friendly and convinced us so that we will cooperate with this company in future. (Valérie Caminada).


You guys rock!

Unbelievable. After just 30 minutes from registration to the result. I will really post your website in our company! (Andreas Gunzenhauser / head of production)

Mall AG, Bassersdorf

We have found our partner for translations!

InvaTrans GmbH offers top service, impeccable quality and reliability at fair prices.

Even when things are extremely urgent, you are not left alone. Within a very short period of time, an interpreter was organised. Many thanks for the great cooperation.
(Mall AG / Elena Scheibling)

SME-Ventus GmbH, Altstätten

The service of InvaTrans has convinced us and, therefore, we want to list your company as official service provider in our company's presentation. Besides, we have published you as service provider on our website (http://www.sme-ventus.com/netzwerk.php).

(SME-Ventus GmbH, 9450 Altstätten, Marcello Piccirillo)

CAMPUS SURSEE Seminarzentrum AG, Sursee

Repeatedly, we have had our technical texts translated by InvaTrans GmbH in St. Gallen. We have always been astonished about the promptness and professionality of their employees. Already ten minutes after our enquiry, we received feedback and the result was always perfect. You can really feel that customer satisfaction is a central point for them. InvaTrans is second to none when it comes to price-performance ratio. The company is definitely recommendable
(CAMPUS SURSEE Seminarzentrum AG, 6210 Sursee, Carole Weiner)

Camelot Group

(Betreiber der britischen Lotterie)

I am very pleased with your translation services. You hit my deadline (which I appreciate was very short!) and we have been advised by our Swiss colleagues that the quality of the translation was very high.

So, well done and we will be using you again!
(Camelot Group, David Pendry)

Private customer

My enquiry for an offer was quickly answered and thanks to the informative internet presence of InvaTrans no questions remained unanswered. I am very satisfied with the translation of InvaTrans and the price-performance ratio is also good.

Lydia M. (9016 St.Gallen, Lydia Mert)