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«Specialist translations competent – precise – fast and at a favourable price!»
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«Your website translated directly in the CMS!»
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Translation of websites

Simple and uncomplicated directly in the CMS

You would like to translate a complete homepage? There are different possibilities to translate a complete homepage.

CMS übersetzungenInvaTrans GmbH works with qualified specialist translators who specialise in translations directly in the CMS system (Content-Management-System) of the customer. The translators are familiar with almost all commonly used CMS systems.

This offers the advantage that translations are made directly and uncomplicated in the CMS system of the customer. There is no work and time-intensive integration of the translated texts into the web.

Unique – Updating a multilingual website at the touch of a button!

InvaTrans GmbH offers an exceptional innovation for regular text updates of multilingual websites.

So far, the process to edit data for translations have been very time and resource-consuming. The companies creants.com gmbh and InvaTrans GmbH have found a joint solution and provide a remedy.

Our developed solution: dolphin-translate pro©

This is an interface (module/interface) integrated into the CMS which updates changes in the text in multilingual websites quickly and at a favourable price.  

At the touch of a button the website administrator can mark changed or new pages, paragraphs and sentences in the module of the German version and send them through interface directly from the CMS to InvaTrans for translation.  The translated texts are then automatically imported in the multilingual pages after completion through the interface. At the touch of a button, the website is immediately updated in all languages.

The module dolphin-translate pro© - is successfully used by numerous large companies that update their multilingual websites easily this way.

Export/Import through plug-in

The CMS systems "TYPO3", "Contao" and "Wordpress" offer the possibility to export all texts directly from the CMS through a plugin. Afterwards the translated texts will be imported again. The plugin (software extension for the CMS) has to be installed beforehand.

Please inform us about the URL of your website to be translated and the CMS you use so that we can make an offer. Basically, this is possible from all MySQL databases.

Our offer includes the translation costs, the adaptation, installation and configuration of the plugin as well as the export/import of the texts.

Files in XML or HTML format

Your webmaster can also send us the web content as XML or HTML format. We can read and process the XML and HTM files directly in the CAT system. Afterwards we send the translated files with identical structure back which then can be directly imported by the webmaster. 

Text content as text file

You can also send us the complete text content as Office file (Word, Excel) or text file .txt".