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Proofreading: Check of orthography and grammar in the text

Our proofreading experts have an eye for detail!


You have written a text or somebody else has written a text for you and you wish to have it corrected and revised by a language specialist? No problem! Our proofreading service checks your text with respect to orthography, punctuation and grammar. Only real errors are corrected. No corrections as to style and changes in the text are made.

We offer 2 possibilities of proofreading. You decide which one is the best for you:

Corrections directly in Word

The corrections are made directly in the file and you receive the completely reviewed file back. If you wish detailed tracking of the corrections made, we can process the translation in the correction mode (i.e. the corrections are marked in colour).

Handwritten corrections on paper (red-pencilled)

You wish to have the corrections made as it was once made at school? We print out the document and make handwritten corrections. You will receive the corrected document in scanned form.

Editing: Stylistic text review

Our experts have an excellent feeling for language and are extremely creative!


You are not quite satisfied with a text and wish a better wording or a general stylistic editing by a language specialist? Our experienced experts have a keen eye and good feeling for language. They are pleased to meet the challenge and change your text in a professional way.

On request, the following editing work is carried out:

Stylistic editing
  The translator corrects stylistic deficits and imperfections in the text.
Syntax errors are corrected and sentences are rewritten
  Sometimes a simple correction is not sufficient and complete sentences and phrases have to be changed, rephrased and rewritten so that the text becomes more professional and readable.
Changing the intended use of the text
  The intended use of the text can also be modified. We can “spice up” your non-fiction texts and change texts that are written in too complicated a way in simple and understandable language. If you want to use a normal text for marketing purposes, our language specialists have the solution.