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«Specialist translations competent – precise – fast and at a favourable price!»
«Urgent orders in just a few hours – no problem!»
«Our certified translations are officially recognized by authorities and courts!»
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«Worldwide – Make global communication happen for everyone, this is our mission!»

We are excellently positioned – both globally and sector-specific!

Translations in almost all languages and subject areas

Worldwide – Make the global communication happen for everyone – that's our mission!

Thanks to InvaTrans GmbH borders are crossed and people are connected. You want to understand and be understood – we will be glad to help you!

InvaTrans GmbH has a worldwide network of currently more than 750 specialist translators and is therefore able to offer professional specialist translations in almost all combinations of languages and subject areas. We translate European, Asian, African, American, Indo-pacific languages – almost 90 languages! View here list of languages.

Thanks to our global network we are in the position to even process large volumes of text within a short period of time.

In order to maintain our high quality level, we work with selected, renowned specialist translators who meet our requirements – at a unique cost-performance ratio. That's what we guarantee!

Quality assurance according to the established four-eyes principle
Our delivery times
Certified translations
Subject areas

Quality assurance according to the four-eyes principle

As a rule, as quality assurance all completed translations are independently controlled, revised and finalised according to the four-eyes principle by a second translator who is also specialised in this subject area.

The proof reader uses the source document and focuses on accurateness and completeness of the translation. He corrects possible mistakes regarding interpretation and meaning as well as grammar, orthography and punctuation. After delivery of the translation by the proof reader, the translation is finally checked by the quality management with respect to consistent terminology, observance of the customer-specific terminology specifications as well as the accuracy of the layout.

Our delivery times

Specialist translations incl. proofreading (four-eyes quality principle)

Delivery of the translation
within 2-5 workdays
Delivery of the translation
within 24h
  Urgent order
Delivery of the translation
within a few hours
Lieferzeiten-Standard   24h Lieferzeit   Lieferzeiten-Eilauftrag

Certified Translations

In contrast to other translations which are returned in electronic form such as e-mail, a certified translation is delivered in paper form by post (with official seal, stamp and signature of the sworn translator).

The delivery time for certified translations sent by post might be a bit longer. It depends on the country in which the translator lives.  

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We provide translations in almost all subject areas

When we select the right specialist translator, we attach great importance to the order-related specifications and the necessary know-how of the relevant expert. It is important that our specialist translators absolved an education in the relevant subject area or and have many years of professional experience in this sector. Therefore, a legal document will be translated by a lawyer and a medical report by a medical expert.

Below you will find an excerpt of the most important subject areas:

Banking | Finances

Medicines & health products

Construction industry

Measurement and control technology

Letters & general correspondence

Pharmaceutics & medicine

Business & economics Politics
Chemistry Presentation & training material
Computer | IT | Software Law
Diplomas, certificates & deeds Sport


Business reports


Real estate


Industry & Technology

Translation of complete books

Complex user manuals

Contracts | Regulations | Agreements



Vehicles | Aerospace

Website (also directly in CMS)

CVs | Applications


Marketing etc…
Media releases | PR    

COC Translation

Certified translations officially accepted by ASTRA in Bern

COC stands for Certificate of Conformity. The document certifies the compliance of a product with recognised (international) standards. Its purpose is to facilitate the authorization of the product on international markets. It is mainly needed in the export and import business as part of customs clearance. For the registration of vehicles at ASTRA in Bern a C.O.C (EC Certificate of Conformity) is needed. We are a recognised partner and specialise in the COC translation in all languages.  Our certified translations are officially recognised by ASTRA in Bern.


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