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We prevent Linguistic misunderstandings!

Sprachadaption Englisch AmerikanischFor us, language adaptions to certain regions and countries are a matter of course because language is not just language!

Why are Americans surprised at some words the British people use? Why does the French people shake their head when they hear expressions used by the Swiss coming from the region Suisse Romande?

The local use of the language must be understood and translated effectively!

Thus, when we mean language adaption we often talk about localization. With respect to linguistic and culture we adapt your translations to the local peculiarities of the country of destination..

The translator has to adapt country-specific differences in orthography, vocabulary and subject-specific terms as well as the spellings of dates and times, currencies, etc. so that they meet the cultural expectations of the country of destination.  

These adaptations comprise all aspects of localization objects – from the travel guide, marketing campaigns to user interfaces of software (software localization), the user manual or packing of a product.

Our language specialists are in the country and have the necessary cultural background knowledge to make professional and, in particular, perfect adapted specialist translations for the local target market.

Below you will find some examples that show same languages with different grammar and vocabulary:

English Great Britain <> USA
English Great Britain <> Australia
French Switzerland <> France
Portuguese Brazil <> Portugal
and others