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Corporate Wording are the magic words!

Creation of glossaries / Creation & maintenance of customer-specific terminology databases

Only a complete glossary or complete terminology database ensures optimal and uniform spelling (Corporate Wording). InvaTrans's quality management guarantees that foreign words, technical or customer-specific terms are considered and used uniformly in each translation. This requires the maintenance and continuous extension of the customer-specific terminology database.

The weapon of today’s modern translation work!

TMS (Translation Memory System)

TerminologieBesides a uniform Corporate Identity (colours, logo, etc.) it is important for each company to have a uniform terminology (Corporate Wording). It would be a tragedy if subject-specific terms, slogans and expressions are differently used or translated. CAT tools (computer-aided translation) create the essential basis for a uniform terminology!

InvaTrans GmbH works with all commonly used CAT tools such as SDL Trados, Transit, Across, Wordfast, Déjà Vu, memoQ, etc.

The translation memory system separates the text from the layout information and splits it in single segments (e.g. sentences). The text is then read by the CAT tool. The segments are translated and afterwards combined with the layout information, i.e. exported. During the process each sentence in the source language is linked to its translation in the target language and, thus, a so-called translation memory (database) is created.

A translation memory remembers each single sentence and its relevant translation from a previously translated document. The database is accessed each time a new translation is made to continuously match new segments with entries of the translation memory and to complement them correspondingly. Sometimes the translator can find complete sentences or parts of a sentence in the TM which he can use. Thus, it is guaranteed that identical words are always translated the same!

Furthermore, the CAT tool offers the possibility to read already existing terminology lists of the customer to ensure that the translator always uses the customer-specific wording.






CONCLUSION: The cooperation between specialist translators and CAT tool is the perfect combination for professional, high-quality and, in particular, for consistent specialist translations. This is not least one of the reasons why CAT tools are called “the weapon of today's modern translation work”!