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Officially recognised, certified translations by sworn translators

You need a certified translation which is officially recognised?

Dienstleistung Beglaubigung

No problem – we are the right contact for you! We translate almost all documents for you:

Authorities Prisons
Consulates Universities / schools
Courts Companies

We work with specially sworn and officially recognised translators and can offer certified translations in almost all language combinations. Thanks to our service "certified translations” legal translations become an officially valid document which is officially recognised, both domestically and abroad.

We make certified translations of all legal and official documents such as:

Contracts Land register excerpts
Legal documents (civil law/criminal law/patent law/ inheritance law, etc.) Residence titles
Legal documents (civil law/criminal law/patent law/ inheritance law, etc.) ID cards/ Passports/Foreigner's identity documents
Correspondence of lawyers Trade register excerpts
Jegliche Dokumente für Asylwesen/ Migrationsamt Strafregisterauszüge
Certificates (work certificate/school certificate/medical attestation/certificate of conduct, etc.) Driver's licenses
Diplomas Certificates
Certificates of Marriage/Certificates of no Impediment Expert reports/Attestations
Family register Customs documents (import/export)
Adoption papers of children Last will
Divorce decree or documents Statutes
Birth certificates

Tax declarations

Confirmation of residence

Business plans


A certified translation bears a seal, stamp, attestation clause and the signature of the sworn translator. Please note that in contrast to other translations a certified translation is sent by post (as original) and not by e-mail.  Due to the postal delivery the translation might reach you only after a few days.

Apostilles by the Cantonal Chancellery

You need certified translations for authorities and courts abroad?

ApostilleIf you need a certified translation for another country, foreign authorities or courts demand in many cases an additional supplementary attestation (legalisation) or apostille by the Cantonal Chancellery so that the documents are officially recognised there. Thus, the authenticity of the signature, a seal or stamp on the document is confirmed.

The apostille is a special type of supplementary attestation. It guarantees that the document is accepted in the country of destination without any further attestation by the diplomatic mission or consular representation. Apostilles are only valid in countries that joined the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961.

Should an apostille be required, we take our certified translation to the Cantonal Chancellery in St. Gallen and have it completed with an apostille for foreign countries. Thus, our certified translations are officially recognised without any problems by authorities, courts, etc. abroad.

Wir beraten Sie gernePartly, for laymen this sounds a bit complicated and it seems that visits to authorities are unpleasant. Don't worry – that's our daily business and we know what to do. We organise everything for you!

We are pleased to advise you personally on the phone or in our office. We look forward to helping you.