«We are a translation agency with more than 750 translators worldwide!»
«Specialist translations competent – precise – fast and at a favourable price!»
«Urgent orders in just a few hours – no problem!»
«Our certified translations are officially recognized by authorities and courts!»
«Our in-house graphics department integrates the translation directly into your layout!»
«Your website translated directly in the CMS!»
«Worldwide – Make global communication happen for everyone, this is our mission!»

InvaTrans distinguishes itself with the following quality features:

ISO accredited translation agency (ISO 9001:2008)
Registered according to DIN EN 15038:2006-08 or DIN ISO EN 17100, respectively
As a rule, all translations are double-checked and reviewed by a second independent translator (four-eyes quality principle)
Certified and state recognised specialist translators (native speakers)
Consideration and continuous maintenance of customer-specific terminology
In-house quality management department
Satisfaction guarantee